Sunday, February 13, 2011

Norman, Here We Come!

Nick and I just got home from Norman, where we finally found our home for the next year! We looked at so many houses all over the Oklahoma City area, but couldn't find one that felt like home. We were really lucky and stumbled across this brand new home in the northeast part of Norman. The house is so new that is doesn't have sod or the back part of the fence, but we have been assured that it will be ready before we move in next month.

Here is the front of the house. Talk about Oklahoma red dirt, huh? I will add more once we move in, but it is really cute on the inside and I cannot wait to decorate and make it home.

 I am really excited to get in and explore our new town, but not at all excited about packing. I am an admitted pack rat and have boxes in our garage that haven't been opened since we moved into this house three years ago! I have a feeling that I will be throwing away or donating a bunch of stuff, if only so I don't have to pack it up. We are scheduled to move in March 19th, so that gives me just over a month to pack. I know that probably sounds like plenty of time to you, but between working in Oklahoma and the ridiculous amount of reading that I have to do for school each night, I am starting to feel the anxiety!

By the way... just because we live in Norman doesn't mean that I will ever become a Sooner fan. I bleed scarlet and black, and will have my little Tech garden flag waving proudly in the front yard! =)

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